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Sep 26, 2024, 3:00 PM EDT
Virginia Museum of History and Culture

Tickets on Sale

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A safe and supportive space for spiritual enthusiasts to explore ethics, magic, psychic abilities, and spiritual growth. Sacred Spaces aim to foster a community of like-minded individuals who are committed to personal and collective transformation, and who are dedicated to using their spiritual gifts to create positive change in the world.

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Saturday September 28th 2024



Doors Open


Welcome Ceremony with your hosts

Open the event with some intention setting and excitement from your hosts! And a talk about Spirituality and Mental Health with Michelle Quiroga!


'How the Universe works' with Emily Dexter

Exploration of how the Universe functions and how we function within it!



Validation Hunting with Katharyn Birgfield

With years of Paranormal investigation under their belt, Katharyn speak on how to bring your intuition into your exploration of the paranormal world.


Circles and Stars with KristaLyn Sofia

An exploration of different ritual magic practices and which works best for you! 


Vendor Fair and Workshops

Join your hosts and speakers for in depth workshops and an incredible high-vibe vendor fair!

Sunday, September 29th 2024



Doors Open


Navigating Spiritual Frequencies with Rebekah Carmichael



Q&A Panel featuring Emily Dexter, Rebekah Carmichael, and KristaLyn Sofia

Ask your hosts your burning spiritual questions during this casual panel

hosted by Rebecca Jane

Step into the power of understanding who and what you are chatting with!


Closing Ceremony


Becoming the Goddess with Annette Freeman

Annette helps us all to dive in and awaken our divine feminine energy!

Close out this powerful weekend with some sound magic and incredible energy!


Hang out party and photo ops with your hosts

Say bye for now to all your new friends and grab a picture with your event hosts!


*Magical Add On* Experiences!

For the first time the Fall 2024 Sacred Spaces Gathering will include exclusive *Magical Add On* experiences so you can get EVEN MORE out of the weekend! 
These uniquely tailored and personalized small-group experiences with our talented leadership/hosts are designed to further cultivate growth and safe spiritual exploration.

These experiences have limited availability and take place outside of the general event schedule and are each purchased separately AFTER the purchase of General Admission tickets. 

Thursday the 26th

4pm - 5pm

6pm - 7:30pm

8pm - 11pm

Folk Magic Talisman Crafting with KristaLyn Sofia!

Spirituality Routine with
Rebecca Jane

Richmond Paranormal Investigation with Katharyn Brigfeld

Make some magic with KristaLyn! Understand ritual magic and using ceremony to create a powerful talisman of your own. 

Experience how spirit flows moves and connects and leave a more in tune and in flow person.


Go on a paranormal investigation with Katharyn, our resident paranormal expert! Use equipment and intuition to explore a haunted location.



Friday the 27th

Triple Read with Emily Dexter, Rebekah Carmichael, & KristaLyn Sofia

1pm - 3pm

Get a reading with all three of the event hosts together in this unique never before offered experience!


VIP Meet and Greet cocktail hour!

5pm - 6:30pm

Hang out with event hosts and special guests at the coolest chaos bar ever


Mystery Spirit Theater 3000

7pm - 8pmish

Join the hosts as we gather in a movie theater and spiritually roast an episode of Ghost Adventures. lol.

Saturday the 28th

7pm - 8:30pm

Think speed dating but with psychics! Get clarity and guidance from multiple readers during this fun and fast paced event!

Monday the 30th

11am - 1pm

Catching Reads Field Trip with Emily Dexter & Rebekah Carmichael

Head to Williamsburg for a ghost chatting and channeled history field trip!

Each *Magical Add On* experience is booked individually AFTER the purchase of General Admission tickets. Check you ticket confirmation email for the link to book the additional experiences. 


Add Ons

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We are looking for some amazing vendors to fill out our vendor fair! If you create something magical, mystical or connective, click the button below for more info and to apply to join the fun! 

Confirmed Vendors:

Nhen Nhen - Traveler's Journals and Grimoires -
Momento Mori Designs - Jewelry based in magic -
Wildcraft Wellness Company - Crystal, Herb & Reiki infused Products - @wildcraft.wellnessco
Marie Antoinette Art - Reiki Activated art - @marieantoinettesart 
Deanna Halliwell - Activated Candles
Tiger Lily - Vintage Clothing and Handmade Goods -
GEMS - Crystals and Jewelry -
Spiritual Business Fair Vendors
Janel Mulligan - Conscious Contracts and Intuitive Legal Support -
Kay Sibson - Intuitive Business Growth Guide -
Ryle Franze - Intuitive Financial Guidance

Jan 26, 2024, 5:00 PM EST
Virginia Museum of History and Culture
Jan 26, 2024, 5:00 PM EST
Virginia Museum of History and Culture
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